Singapore Grand Prix Preview 2023

Singapore Grand Prix Preview 2023

There's no reason to think that anyone other than Max Verstappen is going to end up in P1 at the end of this weekend. At Monza he became the first F1 driver in history to win 10 consecutive races, but there are still some interesting storylines to follow in Singapore this weekend. 

Changes to the Circuit

The Marina Bay Street Circuit will look a bit different this year as turns 16 through 19 have been completely removed, making what used to be turn 20, turn 16. That turn is now a heavy braking zone, and a new opportunity for overtaking, something the old layout was lacking in that area. 

(Graphics: @RBR_Daily)

Alpha Tauri Upgrades

The big story for Alpha Tauri this season has been the drivers, and though Liam Lawson will likely be in the car at least through Sazuka, the big story for them this weekend is their apparent intent to bring a car to Singapore that's similar to the RB19. 

Alpha Tauri is in somewhat of a gray area here, officially they are simply following the same philosophy that other teams have in attempting to recreate the success that Red Bull has seen by creating a visually similar aero package. Given that they are the only other team on the grid that has the RBPT/Honda power unit, this could work very well for them.

But Alpha Tauri CEO Peter Bayer has said that they plan to "exploit" their relationship with Red Bull Racing to the "fullest extent allowed by the regulations." We'll have to wait for Friday to see just to what extent that is. 

No More Flexing Wings or Floors

Going into Singapore the FIA has cracked down on specific parts of the cars being able to flex with the movement and speed of the car. In the simplest terms here, the floor is expected to affect mainly Red Bull while the wings are expected to affect mainly Mercedes, and the wings should have a larger negative effect than the floor.

This rule comes from Article 3.2.2 of the tech regulations which states that components should be "rigidly secured and immobile with respect to their frame of reference." To enforce this the FIA has also requested that teams provide detailed assembly drawings and cross sections of their cars prior to the race weekend so that they can be checked for compliance. 

Christian Horner insists that this won't affect Red Bull at all though. He specifically said, "We've seen a few rubbery nose boxes, shall we say, so we'll get those addressed, I guess." Of course no one should expect him to say anything else, nonetheless we'll see what happens in FP1 on Friday. 

2023 Singapore Grand Prix Weekend Schedule

Session  Track Time BST (UK) EST (US)
FP1 - Friday 17:30 10:30 5:30
FP2 - Friday 21:00 15:00 9:00
FP3 - Saturday 17:30 10:30 5:30
Qualifying - Saturday 21:00 15:00 9:00
Race - Sunday 20:00 14:00 8:00
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