2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Preview

2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Preview

The first F1 race in Las Vegas since the Caesar's Palace Grand Prix in 1982 is set to be...interesting, to say the least. Between a brand new street circuit at night and what will potentially be the coldest race in Formula 1 history, there's a lot to look forward to this weekend. 


"It Get's Cold in the Desert?!?"

The F1's organizers frantically asked as they turned the heat on for the first time in their new US Headquarters. The answer is yes, it get's cold in the desert at night, especially in late fall and winter. This is apparently not something that occurred to Formula 1's race organizers, though, and as a result we are more than likely getting the coldest race in F1 history this weekend. 

As a result of this Pirelli has said that what will happen with the tires in las Vegas is virtually unknown as very little testing has been done with slick tires in temperatures as low as what we will see this weekend. The combination of cold tires and a brand new track surface could result in an unprecedented lack of grip, which given the near Monza level of speed we will see this weekend, could be a dangerous combination. 


The Pit Exit

Take a look at the exit of the pit lane in Las Vegas and see if anything looks abnormal. If you said that it's odd that it exits into the end of turn 1 rather than onto the next straight, you are correct. 

There's not much else to say here. They had an opened lot to build this part of the track in, so space wasn't an issue, but rather than going in the style of Zandvoort, for instance, and having the exit round the corner behind a wall, they decided to have cars blindly exit into the corner.

Why? The world may never know. 



The Track

If you haven't taken a close look by now, here's a breakdown of the brand new street circuit that F1 will take to in Las Vegas this weekend. It has 14 corners and before you ask no, the names on the map are not official corner names but rather landmarks around the city and road names simply for the sake of navigation. Though a final lap battle through Top Golf would be one for the ages. 

The biggest thing to watch, aside from whatever is on the Sphere, is the speeds that are reached on The Strip. It's expected that most teams will be running Monza-esque setups this weekend simply because half of the track is a long straight line, but it should present a unique challenge as the other half is more reminiscent of Miami or Baku. 


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2023 Las Vegas Grand Prix Weekend Schedule

Session  Track Time BST (UK) EST (US)
FP1 - Thursday 8:30pm 04:30  (FRI) 11:30pm 
FP2 - Thursday Midnight 08:00 (FRI) 3:00am (FRI)
FP3 - Friday 8:30pm 04:30 (SAT) 11:30pm
Qualifying - Friday Midnight 08:00 (SAT) 3:00am (SAT)
Race - Saturday 10:00pm 06:00 (SUN) 1:00am (SUN)
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